Swiftlee is a digital platform that allows you to hire and manage your payroll of collaborators in Mexico quickly and easily.

Hiring remotely sounds like a good idea until you discover all the work involved in creating an entity in a foreign country while sticking to its laws, tax schemes, and language barriers when it comes to managing government paperwork.

With Swiftlee, you don’t have to worry about this because we do it for you, offering legal coverage and making sure that you comply with everything the law demands in order to carry out your remote staff’s hiring and payment. We take care of bureaucratic work so that you can only focus on registering your staff and paying for their services.

Our software makes recruiting in Mexico super simple.

Swiftlee offers benefits your company can trust.

Custom contracts

Law benefits


Calculating taxes

Payroll processing



Hire quality talent
and achieve your goals

Learn about the impact on your operating costs of hiring talent in Mexico, which is among the top destinations for American companies to outsource processes.


Creating a
profile is free

We won’t charge you until you hire your first team member! So start exploring the platform and pick what suits you best.


Swiftlee makes it very simple to grow remote and international teams.

Reach your highest potential with professionals ready to help you scale.