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Learn about the impact on your operating costs of hiring talent in Mexico, which is among the top destinations for American companies to outsource processes.

Our software makes recruiting in Mexico super simple.

Swiftlee offers benefits your company can trust.

High Employee Retention

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Skilled Labor

Lower Cost

We help with
recruitment & benefits

Swiftlee is responsible for assisting the process of company’s payroll, tax filing, workers’ compensation, as well as health insurance policies and retirement plans.

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Support Across Channels

We create value by providing solutions that support your operation. Your team will be assisted with legal, marketing, accounting, operations support.

Our team will make sure that fast growth doesn’t cost you high customer churn, or a backlog of unanswered technical questions, always ensuring that hirees create an extension of your brand.

We capture potential customers or consumers from different companies, all this without people having to wait for any direct interaction. We first define the target audience for which we will apply our tactics, as well as describe the product or service to offer.

Employer of record (EOR)

We offer EOR solutions, a model that provides immediate value when hiring internationally. Instead of establishing an entity in another destination, or using a contractor plan, an EOR can hire professionals on your behalf.

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    Allows hiring higher value profiles due to a better compensation plan, including benefits.
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    Legal compliance.
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    Ensures the continuity of projects by providing long-term contracts to highly qualified collaborators.

Contractor Management

For our contractor management solutions, the independent contractor takes care of their own taxes. We process your payment to freelancers for you.

This option is ideal for short-term projects or the occasional need for extra help.


Pay flat hourly rates using our existing infrastructure and expertise


Swiftlee makes it very simple to grow remote and international teams.
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